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Whoever Does Stripe's Technical Writing Deserves an Award

I’ve been playing with Stripe lately as a payment processor for some of my projects, and their documentation is by far the best I have ever read. The integration experience is extremely easy thanks to what they have written. The message is clear and concise. The animations bring value to the page with my personal favorites being those that highlight which pieces of the code snippets the documentation is referencing. Overall, working with their service is much easier and more fun thanks to their documentation. They obviously put a huge emphasis on the developer experience.

For any developers out there with some time on their hands (I know, it’s rare), please go through their documentation or try to integrate an application with their API. It’s worth going through even if you never plan on using them just to know what we are missing out on with respect to a beautiful developer experience. The overall flow and information provided are amazing.

My favorite part is in the API docs specifically. If you are signed in, the page fills in the example requests and payloads as the page scrolls through with information relevant from your account. I’m guessing they use recent events, customer information, or account data, but I’m not completely sure how they do it. For example, after I configured a webhook and scrolled down to the webhook endpoint object portion, my newly created webhook information was shown. Those little pieces are worth a lot to me and I’m glad they put them in to enhance to documentation and integration experience. Well done Stripe!

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