Thomas Step


Hello there. My name is Thomas Step. I am a software engineer and creator of many projects. I mainly work on backend and devops projects, but I have been teaching myself the frontend side of web development lately. I mostly code in Javascript/Node (because, you know, full stack), but I also know Python, Go, C/C++, Ruby, and some other lower level languages. My motivation to create and maintain this site is so that I can translate what I am learning into my own words. One of my mentors from an internship brought this thought up to me, I decided to run with it, and now here we are. The topics that I write about are heavily influenced on what I am currently working on and interested in. The content will probably change throughout time, but at a high level I am interested in full stack web development and devops.

I build in public and have contributed to open source. Some of my posts pertain to what I have built and learned while building it. If there are any posts on here that you would like to know more about, drop me a line. Same goes if you just want to talk and learn about what I am currently working on. I am open to collaboration as long as our values align.


Check out my posts in order or see them by category.


Go to my projects page to learn about what I have worked on in the past.


My email is or (if the first one doesn’t work).

My social presence consists of Twitter (I’m new to Twitter so go easy on me), LinkedIn, GitHub, and Strava. Feel free to follow or connect with me and I will reciprocate.

Support and Help

If my work has helped you and you would like to help me, feel free to buy me a coffee. I can also offer more personalized help if that is what you are after.