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Updating My Personal Website

Before this update to my website I had written a few static HTML pages that weren’t too impressive especially considering the other options out there. I have recently started an internship with Viasat in College Station where I am working with React + Redux and Nodejs. My project at work inspired me to update my own webpage. At first I thought about deploying a React app to Github Pages. This is definitely an option that I am still considering mostly so I can gain more experience with React. For now, I am using Jekyll to build the static HTML pages for this website. I will keep the site updated with any new things that I do it. I used the GitHub Student Pack to get a free .me domain name from Namecheap. I already had my GitHub repo set up for this page before I started. Namecheap takes you through a pretty simple setup process. An extra step that I originally overlooked was adding DNS records. You have to add 4 new “A Record”s to Namecheap’s DNS settings the host is “@” and the IPs are,,, I think what this is doing is telling DNS servers that you are hosting your site on GitHub and those IPs all belong to them, but I’m not 100% sure about that. Namecheap has a guide about it here. I am also using a different Jekyll theme called Prologue. There are numerous resources I used to get this going. It took me about 20 minutes from the time I started looking at different themes until my site was actually deployed with the correct theme. You’ll notice in my config.yml that I have a theme and a remote_theme. I did this because I had issues when trying to run Jekyll locally without theme. I didn’t try deploying my site without theme and just remote_theme, but I would have the same development issues locally if I took theme out. I am curious to see how this theme starts looking as I include more posts and tweak it.

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