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Start of Last Semester

This is the first week of my last semester. I am only taking two CSCE classes and one common curriculum class. In my Software Engineering class I will be learning Ruby and Rails. In my Distributed Objects Programming class I think I will be using C/C++ and a lot of sockets. So far Ruby as a language looks strange because of its syntax but I think for the most part it is just another language. I think the reason I do not have much trouble with learning new programming languages is because they are all pretty much the same. If you have the fundamentals down in one language, then you can apply those same fundamentals to just about any language and have very little problems getting up and running with the new one. Loops, conditionals, and variables can get you pretty far and the syntax is not too variant between all the different languages I have had experience with. Of course, the more you use a language, the more you will learn its nuances, but that will all come in time. If I could give someone any advice before they start learning how to program it would be to focus on the concepts and less on the syntax. Syntax will come with repetition, but first it is important to understand what is happening and the logic used.

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