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re:Invent: How Transforms Customer Experiences Through AI/ML

This is an overview of a session that I went to during re:Invent 2021. I start by providing the notes I took during the session, and then I will give my take and comments if I have any at the end.

Wednesday 16:00


Choong Lee and Laura Squier

How Amazon approaches the idea of applying AI/ML to everything


AI/ML can be used now because we have enough data volume and velocity

What other customer experiences are transformed through AI/ML

What did Amazon learn was most important to get right in the ML journey?

My notes:

I am new to AI/ML. This session made me think that AI/ML was more of a business-related technology than a developer-related one. I am sure that there are applications for both, but I found it strange that they presented much more of the business side of things especially given the venue.

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