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re:Invent: Best Practices Of Advanced Serverless Developers

This is an overview of a session that I went to during re:Invent 2021. I start by providing the notes I took during the session, and then I will give my take and comments if I have any at the end.

Wednesday 13:00




Thinking in events

Service-full serverless (configuring managed services instead of writing code)

Fabulous functions


Healthy serverless

Development workflow

My notes:

I was surprised that barely any of this information was new to me. It makes me hope that I would be considered an “advanced serverless developer.” I have seen stress on structured logging a couple of times during this week which makes me think that I should bring that back as a big key. Also while I did not necessarily enjoy this session as a whole, I did like the rapid-fire list of topics in the “Healthy Serverless” section.

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