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re:Invent: Best Practices For Disaster Recovery Of Workloads On AWS

This is an overview of a session that I went to during re:Invent 2021. I start by providing the notes I took during the session, and then I will give my take and comments if I have any at the end.

Thursday 11:30


Seth Eliot and Jennifer Moran


DR and DR objectives

Strategies for DR

Failover is one thing, what about failback?

I wonder what architectures for fully serverless apps looks like

Game days - simulate failure or event to test systems

My notes:

I thought that this session gave good alternative architectures compared to cell-based architectures for failover reasons. I do not think that anything I heard here was necessarily groundbreaking or new for me personally, and it was also unfortunate that these architectures were focused less on serverless architectures. This will be a great reference point whenever I directly need it in the future for non-serverless workloads.

I found it interesting that they suggested a simple multi-AZ architecture for most workloads unless explicitly needed. I can imagine that this gets difficult with less-managed (non-serverless) database options. I always get spooked whenever I need to mess with production data, so a managed replicated database would be my go-to for one of these architectures.

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