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Python i18n Error With Underscore _()

In Python there is a module for internationalization in the standard library called gettext. There is also a common alias for this which is a simple underscore (_). While I was looking into this module a little more I noticed that it is normally used this way, but this can cause side effects. The original reason I learned about this functionality was while I was debugging a problem in a legacy project. The work included linting and adding unit tests to legacy code, and pylint was giving me problems about unused variables. A normal way to go about naming an unused variable in Python is to just name it underscore (_), and this is where the problem came in.

That same legacy code also used the underscore alias convention for gettext, so if one of the unused variables came before a call to the gettext alias, the alias was no longer valid and Python tried to call whatever value was contained in the underscore variable that was reassigned. Luckily, I caught the problem quickly because a TypeError: 'str' object is not callable or something similar was thrown. However, I could potentially see this leading to harder to track bugs if an unused variable assigned to _ was something callable (a function). So a word of caution when using the ‘_()’ alias for gettext; you will want to be cautious if you use the _ = unused_variable convention.

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