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Introducing My Concept Dump Series

I like oversimplifying things. While this might not work well for some people, it works for me because I think most people complicate things for no reason. That said, while I was writing my guide about AWS I started thinking about the topic that I am presenting today. My theory (which very well might crash and burn) is that most learning should start with only a couple of sentences. Only after learning the high-level idea or concept should people dive further down the rabbit hole to learn more of the details. This is effectively applying the 80/20 rule for learning a new concept. Understanding the context around something without any buzzwords and marketing copy getting in the way is the best way to understand what to focus on.

I would like to introduce my “Concept Dump” series. The reason I thought of it while writing my AWS guide was that the guide went into detail but the high-level information could have been conveyed in a few sentences.

People in tech love to inject loaded words into descriptions for their own satisfaction. That is not my goal with this tiny project. My goal is to lightly introduce and overly simplify hot topics. This is the information that you need to know about these topics. If you know just this high-level information you will understand the context. Then you will be free to learn the things that you need to know when you need to know them. Obviously, there is more to these concepts than what I will introduce but my objective is to not worry about those finer details.

Over time, I hope to add to this series beyond what I am launching with. The list below contains the concept dumps that I have written as a part of this series and will be updated as I create and update the corresponding blog posts. Thanks for checking this out and giving it a chance (as I said, it might turn out to be a flop). The content is subject to being changed as my understanding does, but obviously, it will remain in the git history for this site.

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