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I Wrote a Guide to Serverless AWS

EDIT: The guide has been released and the eBook has been released.

To newcomers, AWS might seem like a big confusing jumble of buzzwords and weird service names. When I started my journey into learning AWS and cloud engineering, I thought the same thing. I started my journey as a software engineer with some networking and traditional operations experience, but the cloud and its constituents were still very much foreign to me. Fast forward two years and I have learned more than I ever thought I would about AWS. I have worked with and weeded through a lot of the AWS services, and I have somewhat strong opinions about how to build workloads and which services are worth my time.

My personal preference (as is probably apparent by my previous AWS blog posts) is to use serverless technologies because they are quick to develop on and the pricing model suits new applications and startups well. The guide that I wrote is focused on the core serverless technologies that I have personally used to create applications. My goal throughout writing this guide was to provide a framework of AWS services to focus on for newcomers, the fundamental concepts of those services, and the integrations between those services that can create fully-fledged, production-ready serverless applications. This is what I wish existed when I first started learning AWS.

The last month and a half of my free time have been dedicated to writing down and organizing this information, and I feel much better getting it out of my head and into the world. I will host a free version on my website with each chapter being a new blog post, and I will offer a PDF version with a bit of additional content through GumRoad. The blog version will be out first with the full eBook version out soon thereafter. Once it is out feel free to send me feedback about what you did and did not like or if there are any areas you would have liked me to touch on more. I look forward to hearing from you!

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