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I Published an API Through RapidAPI

Edit: I have since published more APIs through RapidAPI. The latest is my calendar API.

A while back I read something about a platform called RapidAPI. It’s a marketplace for APIs. I had never heard about it before, but as a backend developer, I was curious to know more. I starting digging deeper and found out that it offers a single point of access to various APIs that developers can publish. It functions as a router of sorts, where all requests go through RapidAPI using their keys and RapidAPI passes the request through to the configured endpoint. I also realized that there was no sign up fee or anything for developers to publish their APIs. Of course, I had to try it out and publish something.

I took a little while to finally come up with an idea that I thought would actually be somewhat useful. I wanted to take a common utility and create an API out of it. Just a microservice that anyone in the world can access. I went with randomly generated strings and ids. I fiddled around with some code, created a template to deploy it with AWS, and tested everything out. I used something similar to the serverless API CloudFormation template that I have posted about on this site before. I added some extra settings, API paths, an API key, and Lambda functions to support the different paths that I wanted my API to have. After I verified that it was up and running and functioning as expected, I went over to RapidAPI to integrate everything. The setup process was straightforward and involved only a few steps. After about an hour of configuration, my API was live and ready to use. Feel free to check it out at There are sample snippets of code to help integrate quickly on the site, but it’s also possible to quickly hit the API with a curl command.

curl -H "x-rapidapi-key: $YOUR_RAPIDAPI_KEY" -H "x-rapidapi-host:"

Overall, I had a positive experience publishing through RapidAPI. The onboarding was quick and easy, and so far I have been able to track the uptime of my API easily. I have ideas for other APIs that I want to publish in the future, and I am excited to continue working with RapidAPI.

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