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How Long Until You Call It Quits?

I set a bucket list item for myself to create a business at some point in my life. Being a software engineer, a natural route to creating a business seems to be through creating an online service or tool like a SaaS. I am still early into my journey creating products, but I have a feeling that creating products will never really be the sticking point for me. From Elsewhere to Crow Authentication to Papyrus, my time to MVP has decreased from multiple months to days. The next step for me is learning how to market and sell these products after creation.

My open question to the world at this point in my journey is, “how long should I try to sell a product until I call it quits?”

I understand that there will be doubt. I understand it is not easy. I am not saying I am quitting any of my current projects…yet. I am curious about “meta advice” or, specifically, personal experiences about when someone knew when it was time to move on. While I am not super keen on putting this out there, I feel like it has to be a sticking point for the vast majority of people in my position. In the spirit of building in public, it is somewhat necessary for me to publish this thought and question while I am going through it.

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