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Fixing AWS Lambda ModuleLoadingError

TL;DR: If you are encountering a ModuleLoadingError when trying to run a Lambda function, change the permissions of the files in your project before deploying using chmod -R a+rwx . for a (possible) quick fix. I was encountering a problem when deploying a zip file to my Lambda function from a Jenkins pipeline. Whenever Jenkins pushed a zip to my Lambda, AWS couldn’t find the file that contained the handler. Whenever I followed the same steps as Jenkins on my machine and pushed the zip file that I created locally, everything worked. I was getting a ModuleLoadingError from AWS whenever it tried to run the Lambda function. The problem turned out to be the file permissions that I had set on the files before I zipped them up. I know that there are ways to change the permissions after zipping, but I decided to just append all permissions (777) for a quick fix. The command I used for this was chmod -R a+rwx . while I was in the top directory of my project. I have read that 644 permissions are the least possible permissions necessary for AWS to run your project; however, that was not the case for me. I tried using 644 permissions and still got the same error. It was only after I gave 777 that AWS could find my file. I’m sure there are lower permissions that you can give, I just have not figured the correct permissions out.

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