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CloudFormation Example for an IAM User with Rotating Credentials

I had a need for an IAM User not too long ago and wanted to create a CloudFormation template instead of going through the console. I do not create IAM entities too often, so I figured that this would be a good time to cement my knowledge into a template. I wanted the user to have CLI access for some automation, which meant that I needed to also create an access key. While I was looking through the documentation for access keys I noticed an interesting field: Serial.

Serial is a field specific to CloudFormation that accepts an integer. If that integer is increased, the access key is rotated. This is a cool feature that I knew I wanted to test out.

After creating an IAM User, I wanted to create an access key for that user based on a Serial, and after that access key was created, I wanted to store the credentials in a secret. Whenever the credentials needed to be rotated, it should be as simple as incrementing the Serial and grabbing the new credentials from the secret. Here is what I came up with.

    Type: Number
    Description: Increment this to rotate credentials

    Type: AWS::IAM::User
        - arn:aws:iam::aws:policy/AdministratorAccess
    Type: AWS::IAM::AccessKey
      Serial: !Ref Serial
      Status: Active
      UserName: !Ref IamUser
    Type: AWS::SecretsManager::Secret
      Description: !Sub "These are the credentials for the IAM User ${IamUser}"
      SecretString: !Join
        - ""
        - - '{"AccessKeyId":"'
          - !Ref AccessKey
          - '","SecretAccessKey":"'
          - !GetAtt AccessKey.SecretAccessKey
          - '"}'

This template is also available in my aws-cloudformation-reference repository. I also made a video of me creating the template in case the process of building and deploying something like this from scratch is of interest.

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