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Calendar API

TL;DR: I built a publicly available simple calendar API. If you would like to use it, email me for an API key or integrate through RapidAPI

A few months ago I was looking into a project that would have involved scheduling events. I started searching online for simple calendar APIs that included creating logically separate calendars and adding events to those calendars. I felt that it was a simple enough request, but there was not much that I could quickly find online in the way of the simplicity that I wanted. Anything I found was either built into a larger ecosystem (like Google Calendar or Zoho) or it would not have had the ease of use and flexibility that I wanted. So I set out to create my own calendar API.

The use case for my calendar API is creating calendars and then creating events on those calendars. Reading, updating, and deleting are also included. It is simple and straightforward and I hope that if you found this on your search for a calendar API, you will consider using mine. Feel free to email me for an API key or integrate through RapidAPI.

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